Returns, Refunds, & Shipping

FAQ Refunds : 

updated : 01/20/2024

My order came and I no longer want it. Can I return it and get a refund?

All products are insured at no additional cost to you in any case of theft, damage, or loss of your package. For in-stock products, please send your inquiry for a refund within 15 days after your order was delivered. Returns and refunds will be determined by case to case scenarios.

In the event that a return is granted, the return label will be deducted from your return amount (item total) and the return label will be provided to you by our team. Your refund will be processed once the item is received by our warehouse.

Please provide in your request:

  • Order Number
  • Reason for your return
  • Return package dimensions
  • Pictures of the package and item conditions (in the event that it is damaged).

Return request will only be considered if the package remains in the original condition and unopened.

I would like to cancel my pre-order.

Cancellations and refunds are determined by case by case scenarios. We are determined to fulfill your order once it is placed; Once an item on preorder is placed, we contact our respective supplier to place in that order for you. When we place that order, we cannot remove or cancel that item with the supplier.

In the situation you are granted a refund, it will be your transaction total minus the 15% restocking fee.

We do not accept cancellations or refunds on the difference for currency fluctuations.

I was sent the wrong item(s) in my order. What do I do?

If in any case your package contains the wrong items, please contact us immediately. Please take these following steps in order:

  • Upon noticing the incorrect item(s) was sent, please keep ALL item(s) the way they arrived; figure boxes should not be opened.
  • Take photos of the figures inside the shipping box,  a photo of the box showing the box size on the bottom, and another photo of your order receipt.
  • Attach photos and evidence and send to
If items that are not part of your order are opened/unboxed, they will not be accepted for a refund, exchange, or return. 
SALE ITEMS ARE FINAL SALE ONLY. No returns or refunds are accepted for SALE items.

My package is missing an item.

We insure all packages with shipping insurance in the case of theft or lost parcels. Please contact us immediately if your package is missing an item. We will assist you in filing a claim with the shipping carrier to open an investigation.

If the package is missing an item that is part of the order, contact us through any of the methods mentioned in the "Contact Information" page. Take the following steps when contacting us:

  • Take photos of the figures inside the shipping box, a photo of the box showing the box size on the bottom, and another photo of your order receipt.
  • Attach photos and evidence and send to

The item(s) I purchased came damaged during transit.

Packages have insurance covered for the total cost minus tax and shipping. We ask that you inspect the product itself to make sure all pieces are intact. If a figure is severely damaged, please contact us with the same procedures mentioned and depending on the situation, a package claim can be filed with the carrier.

 My figure has arrived with paint defect(s)?

Defects can include:

  • Minor scratching on base.
  • Minor paint mark/blemish.

Since we are a small operation, we cannot accommodate refunds/replacements for products with minor paint defects. Prize figures are often mass produced in factories so the chances of minor blemishes can occur. For blemishes on scale figures, please contact us with photos and evidence so we can determine the situation.


We fulfill orders with labels created with Shipsurance insurance. In order for us to assist you with any claims for lost or damaged packages, please read the following regarding timeframes from their policy.

"For missing USPS shipments, you'll need to wait 20 days from the shipment date for a domestic shipment, or 40 days from the shipment date for an international shipment before you can file an insurance claim. That said, if the package has already been scanned as Delivered and you need to file a claim, there is no minimum waiting period.

UPS packages, on the other hand, may be filed for loss prior to the 20-day mark for domestic shipments and the 40-day mark for international shipments.

In some cases, Shipsurance is asking for even longer wait times for delivery due to COVID-19. As seen in their Terms and Conditions, the deadline to file a claim and provide Shipsurance with everything they need is 120 calendar days from the date of your shipment."

Any claims request after the time frame period will be denied by shipsurance and we would no longer be able to assist you. Please reach out to us immediately when your package is suspected to be having shipping issues or if your package is damaged.

We do not accept cancellations or refunds on the difference for currency fluctuations.

APPAREL - Returns/Exchanges:

Before purchasing any of the apparel, we advise that customers double check and measure their sizing accurately before placing an order.

Unfortunately because we run a small business, we cannot accommodate for free returns or free size exchanges at the moment. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however we are able to offer store credit for 50% of order total. 

If your order has any defects or issues, please contact us directly with your unique situation. Thank you for your understanding!


Keep in mind, as our Terms and Conditions states, we reserved the right to change our refund policy at anytime. By purchasing and agreeing, you accept our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

FAQ Shipping:


All international customers are required to pay any charges, duties, or VAT incurred by their customs. We are able to offer more affordable international shipping because our carrier does not support DDP ( Delivered Duty Paid ). When you place an order as an international customer, you agree that is it your responsibility to pay these charges in order to receive your item.


• 1 lb(s) package = $14.99

• 2 lb(s) package = $18.99

• 3 lb(s) package = $25.99

• 4 lb(s) package = $34.99

How is my order packaged?

We know the worst thing to receive as collectors are banged up boxes where your figures gets tossed because of no padding or an oddly shaped bubble mailer! Rest assured, at Otaku Owlet we make sure that all figures are sent in boxes. Here are the steps we take during the packing process:

  1. Collect your orders from our inventory.
  2. Individually wrap all order items.
  3. Find an appropriately sized box that would give the figure(s) some room for any damage during transit.
  4. Fill the gaps with air-pockets, bubble wrap, and/or paper/tissue.
  5. Securely tape box.
  6. Place label and fragile sticker on package.

 When will my package get shipped?

Packages are shipped daily. Many orders get shipped within 3-4 days. We do not ship packages on Sundays as all posts are closed. During an influx of packages and shortage on time, some packages may take 4-7 business days to ship--in those cases, we thank you for your patience and understanding.

My package has been delayed. What's going on?

Once packages are shipped, it is out of our hands and therefore out of our control. Some possible reasons for the delay may be:

  • An overflow of packages being handled by the carrier.
  • Severe weather delays that the post may be facing.
  • Package location that the post faces delay in can be understaffed.

It's important to double check your shipping address to avoid any additional issues of delay with the post office.


Any unclaimed packages that have returned to us will be held for a maximum of 30 days. Packages unclaimed after 30 days will automatically be assumed as forfeited by the customer and will no longer be eligible for a refund. If your package has returned to us due to incorrect or insufficient address information, it is the customer's responsibility to pay to return fee. If you wish to have a package reshipped, it will require payment for a new label as the previous one has already made the initial trip and is therefore void.

If your package has been returned to us and you no longer wish to have it resent, you will receive a refund minus the return fee due to incorrect or insufficient address.

Otaku Owlet reserves the right to change the cancellation and refund policy at any given time without notice.